Bleeding Tissue Paper Flower Craft for Kids

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Bleeding tissue paper is such a fun medium for kids to use.  This activity was prompted by my 5 year old who loves to create with markers, crayons, paints, glitter, etc!  She requested the tissue paper and on her own, made a flower!  I loved it so much that we did this flower craft another day so that my 8 year old could join in, too!  These Tissue Paper Flowers are a perfect craft for spring!  
Bleeding tissue paper is such a fun medium for kids to use!  My kiddos loved creating colorful spring flowers!

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What you need:

I cut the bleeding tissue paper into small squares so that it was easier to manage, and provided a pile of the tissue paper in the middle of our table.  Make sure your surface area is covered, or else whatever you are working on will get dyed as well!  

I made an outline of a flower on the white paper to give my kiddos a guide as to where to put the tissue paper.  I find it easier to get the paper a little wet first, then lay the tissue paper squares onto the paper, but you could also do it the opposite.  Brush the tissue paper with water again if you'd like!  Once the flower is covered, wait for the tissue paper to dry.

Once the tissue paper has dried, it should just fall right off.  Next cut out the flower shape and glue a pom pom to the middle of your tissue paper flower!  So pretty!

Another way to do this craft would be to make a small bouquet by cutting smaller flowers out of the paper and adding popsicle stick stems like we did for our Yarn Wrapped Tulip Craft {another great spring craft to do with the kiddos!}

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