Letter A Craft for Preschool


Take your Letter of the Week curriculum up a notch with a themed letter craft!  Alphabet crafts are great for visual and tactile learners; they help your child ''see'' the sound each letter makes by the picture the letter represents.  Such as our letter A craft-- A is for Anthill, thus A says /a/.  Try this A letter craft with your toddler, preschooler, and/or Kindergartener for a fun, hands-on way to learn the ABCs!

Letter A Craft
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We are slowly crafting our way through the alphabet with Little Sis and today we are sharing our A letter craft.  This warmer weather has brought out all the little ants that have been underground for the winter, thus was our inspiration for our letter A craft-- A is for Ant(hill)!

We have been crafting through the alphabet at whim, but this A letter craft would make a fun addition to your Letter of the Week curriculum.  Other A craft ideas are: acorn, astronaut, alien, alligator, angel, apple tree, etc!  So many fun ways to learn about the letter A!

 Or this A letter craft could be made during your spring or insect themed learning activities!  Either way, have fun learning and playing with the alphabet through fun, hands-on letter crafts like this one!


Toddlers, preschoolers, and/ or Kindergarteners will love this fun letter craft activity for the letter A!



It may seem that our A is for Anthill letter craft is rather involved, but it really does come together pretty quick.  

I prepped the activity and did most of the cutting before my daughter got a hold of it, however, if you have the time (and patience), have your preschooler help gather materials and cut the letter A template (that you drew or printed off from online).  Little ones LOVE helping and going on a hunt for items!

So as I mentioned, the letter A and necessary materials were already prepped and ready to go for my preschooler.  I presented Little Sis with a tray that had a brown sheet of construction paper, a green strip of construction paper, scissors, painter's tape, glue, and brown paint.

Letter A Craft

I had Little Sis cut lines in the green construction paper to make grass while I prepped the Letter A with painter's tape.  

The idea was to use the painter's tape to create tape resist tunnels.  

Once the tunnels were tapped up, I encouraged Little Sis to paint all over the Letter A... and then some! 

Depending on how much paint there is, you may or may not have to let it dry before peeling off the tape.  We didn't and just kept moving along. Next I had Little Sis create ants with black paint and a q-tip.

**Alternatively, ants could be made with your little one's fingerprints dipped in black paint or ink!

letter A preschool craft

Finally, we let everything dry and added it to our wall of alphabet crafts we have already completed!  

It turned out so cute!  

Thanks to Pink Stripey Socks for the inspiration to do a tape resist for this letter!


Is your little one interested in learning more about ants?  Here are a few more ways to explore your child's newfound interest:
  • watch videos about ants
  • read books
  • eat ''ants on a log''
  • explore ants in nature
  • buy an ant farm

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