Y is for Yarn Preschool Alphabet Craft

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If you search through our school room closet, you'll find a whole box of colorful yarn.  You might even think that I know a thing or two about sewing and the like, but truthfully, I know nada- zip- zilch!  It is solely for crafting purposes.

We've made yarn wrapped rainbows.

Colorful tulips.

Red, white, and pink hearts.

And, our latest alphabet craft.  Y is for Yarn.

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Last fall I set out on a mission to craft each letter of the alphabet for Little Sis's preschool year.  Here we are nearing a year later, and we aren't quite done yet! Well-- we had good intentions, but I am slowly learning you have to be flexible.

Some days the kids just aren't interested.  Some days I am lacking inspiration. Some days our whole day is busy with errands.  You know, life happens.

But I am committed to finishing this alphabet project! We've been crafting the letters in random order; recently we did the letter Y.  Y is for Yarn.

This is where having a box of yarn comes in handy!

We were inspired by String Letters activity found in a recently launched early education book. It has been reprinted with permission from the publisher from the book, 100 FUN & EASY LEARNING GAMES FOR KIDS. I received a free copy from the publisher.

To make your own Y is for Yarn alphabet craft, you'll need:
1. Cut yarn into pieces of various lengths.

2. Lay out wax paper on a smooth surface for letters to dry on. Draw the Letter Y on the wax paper to provide a template for your child to follow.

3. Have children dip yarn pieces into a container filled with glue and then shape wet yarn into letter formations on the wax paper.

4. Allow yarn to completely dry, then you should be able to peel the letter off the wax paper.

For more ways to use this activity, make sure to check out the book 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids! Our letter Y has joined the rest of the letters we have crafted thus far, taking its place right before our Z is for Zebra craft.

Our mission is coming to an end-- just a few more letters; Q, T, X and W.  Hopefully inspiration will strike soon and we'll be able to add those letters to our alphabet wall sooner than later.

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