X is for X-ray Preschool Alphabet Craft

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Making a craft for each letter seemed like a good idea when we started!  M for Monster, A for Ants, and G for Gumball Machine were fun and easy crafts to come up with.  It is letters like X and Q that I conviently saved for last that are really blocking the flow of any creative juices!

alphabet craft

All I could think of for the letter X, was x-ray and xylophone.  We opted for a simple and messy craft-- X is for X-ray.

The letter x has joined the rest of the alphabet crafts in our school room.  However, my goal is to get them printed and make a little alphabet book keepsake.

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black construction paper
paint brush

With your supplies and a willing participant handy, you will be able to make this simple x-ray craft.

Paint your child's arm and hand with white washable paint.

Help line your child's arm on the paper diagonally on the paper to create an x pattern.

Let it dry!  And you might want to help your child to the sink to clean up!

letter craft

Have you been crafting through the alphabet, too?  What did you do for the letter x?  Stay tuned for our last letter-- letter Q.  Feel free to comment with some ideas to get my creative juices flowing!

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