Craft for the Letter ''S''


Craft your way through the alphabet for a memorable and fun way to teach your toddler, preschooler, and/or kindergartener their ABCs!  Today's letter craft focuses on the letter S; s is for sun! Enjoy this hands-on and simple craft for letter S.

s letter craft
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Did you see our super cute M is for Monster alphabet craft?

We are having SO much fun crafting our way through the alphabet!  Some crafts are a little more involved, but this craft for the letter S was rather simple.  You just need three materials!

Just grab some construction paper, glue, and scissors and you work on letter recognition in a simple and fun way!


As I introduced this letter s craft, I began with a little mini-lesson in phonemic awareness.  I told Little Sis what sound the letter /s/ made, had her repeat after me, told her some other words that began with /s/, and finally had her trace over the letter with her finger.

Then we began our craft for the letter S.  


I gave Little Sis a tray with a pre-cut yellow S, several yellow rectangles for the sun's rays, and glue.  

I have found it easier to have the materials prepped and ready to go, however if time (and your patience! HA!) allows, have your preschooler help gather materials and cut the shapes needed.  Encouraging your preschooler to use scissors is great for fine motor skills development!

letter s  craft

 First we began by gluing the letter S onto the blue  (our sky) construction paper.

s craft
 Next, we laid out the small rectangles around the letter S to depict the sun's rays.  We glued them on as well.

preschool letter s craft

 And our letter S alphabet craft is complete!  

See!  It was a simple craft for the letter S!  

But if you are feeling fancy, grab some gold glitter glue and paint it all over the S, too!

craft for letter s

If you are doing a Letter of the Week curriculum, this would make a fun addition to your letter S activities!  Other S themes to explore are: seals, sailboat, soccer, seahorse, star, snake, strawberry, seeds, skunk, snail, squirrel, etc. etc.!  There are so many fun ways to learn and play with the letter s!


Keep in touch so you don't miss our other alphabet crafts we share in the future!  

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