30+ Toddler Learning & Play Activities

Here is an every growing list of play and learning inspired activities for your toddler!

From Seasonal to Math Inspired to Alphabet Activities and more-- there are plenty of ideas to help keep your toddler occupied while homeschooling your older kiddos and/or you can use these activities to set up your own "school work" for your toddler.

big list toddler activities
To keep little sis occupied while helping Big Brother stay on task, I created weekly Tot School Themes.  We traveled through the letters of the alphabet each week.  I set up various trays keeping with a general letter theme.  It was quite time consuming to plan, but she loved having activities to do, too!  In the midst of Tot School, I would set up isolated activities to align with her interest or whatever popped in my head at the time : )

Just click on the picture below to find out more about that activity!

Colorful Button Board

Shape Flower Sort

Simple Puzzle Sensory Bins

Foam Shape Play

Broken Hearts Cutting Tray

Valentines Sensory Bin

Christmas Activities

Clothespin Counting

Minnie Mouse Shape Match

Ocean Sensory Play

Color Golf

Clothespin Jellyfish

Button Bingo

Five Little Pumpkins Fingerplay

Felt Fall Tree

Paint Chip Color Match

10 Apples Up On Top Activities

Bottle Cap Sensory Soup

Clothespin Color Game

Bear Hunt Sensory Bags

Color Building Challenge

Valentines Fingerplay

Airplane Sensory Bin

Process Art with Nature

10 Playful Apple Activities

Shape Scavenger Hunt

DIY Sticker Match

Story-telling Basekt

Christmas Tot School

Sticky Fall Tree

No-Mess Name Sensory Bag

Tot School A-Z

These activities are geared towards toddlers ages 2-4, however, I am sure you will find that the older siblings may want to join in some of these activities, too!

Enjoy the Toddler years, before you know it... your child will be heading into Preschool/ Kindergarten!!