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Make a Rainstick

Learning about the rainforest in your homeschool?

Well, even if you are not-- here's a fun activity.... make your own DIY Rainstick.
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To make your own rainstick, gather:
applique pins
paper towel roll
Duct tape
Stickers/ Decorative Items

It's a simple project to do; simply begin by pushing straight pins into your paper towel roll.  Don't be 'stingy' either--- fill it up!

Leave about an inch at both ends untouched by pins.  After you have pushed plenty of pins into your paper towel tube and your little fingers are a bit sore, secure the pins by covering the outside of your roll with duct tape.  Also fold in one paper towel end and tape it with duct tape.
Use a measuring cup to pour rice into your tube.  I am not sure how much we filled it with...
Tape up the other end with duct tape and start decorating the outside!  We used these sparkly gems!  When you are all done, try out the sound of your new rainstick!

Let the rain begin : )

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