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Letter M Monster Craft

Learn about the letter M by making this fun and adorable M is for Monster craft perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning the alphabet!

Thinking of ways to keep Little Sis occupied during school time with Big Brother, I decided to start doing alphabet crafts.  I'm not so organized to do "Letter of the Week" and add in a week of activities a well, so the other day we crafted three different letters.  Here is one of them... M is for Monster!  

Can you take a guess what famous monster inspired our alphabet craft?

letter m alphabet craft
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To make your own cute M is for Monster Alphabet Craft, you'll need:

  • Letter M Template
  • Blue Paint
  • Purple Do A Dot Marker
  • Adhesive Googly Eyes {ours were given to us by CraftProjectIdeas}
  • Black Marker
  • White Paper

Letter M Craft

Begin by having your child paint the Letter M Blue.

letter M alphabet craft

 Once the paint is dry, use the purple Do A Dot marker to make "spots."

letter m for monster alphabet craft

Next add googly eyes and use white paper to cut out two horn-like shapes, and two small triangles for teeth.

Use glue to attach to the monster.

letter m craft

 And finally all complete, our M is for Monster alphabet craft!

letter m craft

Keep in touch so you don't miss our other alphabet crafts we share in the future!  

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1 comment on "Letter M Monster Craft"
  1. That is adorable! May have to "steal" this idea if we ever do a monster theme! We completed our Letter of the Week just before spring and did one letter craft for each letter ( I'm sure you will enjoy all the crafting with your daughter!


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