T is for Triangles Letter Craft


Alphabet crafts are so fun for little ones!  Craft your way through the alphabet with us; today is a simple craft for the letter T.  Make this T is for Triangles letter craft with your toddler, preschooler, and/or Kindergarten child. 

Letter T Craft

Sometimes you just gotta keep learning activities simple; and there seems to be a trend that the more simple the activity, the more engaged my children are!  No need to get all fancy and complicated with your kiddos, Amen?!

Amen! But not gonna lie, the struggle is REAL!  There are just so many creative ideas and activities that I just want to do them all.

But digging for ideas and thinking about ideas and putting those ideas into practice, eventually leads to burn-out (for me anyways).... so back to simple we go. 

...And since I've lost a bit of creative steam while coming up with the last few alphabet crafts, simple it was!

Letter T was our latest alphabet craft.  My 3 year old was kept busy decorating the letter T with TRIANGLES!

Letter T Craft

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Prep the activity by cutting a letter T out of construction paper and supplying a tray or bowl filled with foam shape stickers.

** OR, another option way to make this T is for Triangles letter craft that will provide fine motor practice is to have your preschooler cut triangles out by themselves from construction paper.  Always remember you can adapt that craft to work for YOUR needs.  That's something you here from homeschoolers regarding the plethora of curriculum available nowadays, "make the curriculum work for you, not the other way around.''  Or you may have heard of "chew and spit" meaning take what you can, and get rid of the rest.  

Anyways, back to our letter T craft.... 

As your child is working on the craft, here's a great time to talk about the sound the letter T makes.

If your child is sorting through a pile of shape stickers, challenge your child to see if he/she can find the shape that makes the /t/ sound.

Does circle begin with /t/?
Does heart begin with /t/? 
... and so on.

t is for triangles letter craft

Once it has been figured out that TRIANGLE begins with the /t/ sound, have your child sort through all the shapes and stick triangles all over the letter T.

letter t  craft

As I mentioned above, the stickers we used for this letter T craft is optional as you can also create it with construction paper triangles, HOWEVER, we have loved having this huge supply of foam shape stickers in our craft/ homeschool closet.  

My kiddos have used them for:
For another Letter T craft, check out what we did with Little Sis during our Tot School Series!

Now we just have to add it to the rest of our alphabet crafts!  I love this fun visual of the letters and the sound{s} they make-- really helps my daughter, too!